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€ 180,00 € 119,95
Head size (cm²): 645
String pattern: 16/19
Weight unstrung (g): 277
Available sizes:

Details about All-round Tennis Rackets

These rackets are, as the name suggests for all round playing and can be used to play from anywhere in the court. They are slightly heavier with a smaller sweet spot. Intermediates are usually able to generate a decent amount of power on their own and need more control from their racket. Therefore, they use All-round tennis rackets that are usually 92 sq. inches to 105 sq. inches in size and give a good mix of power and control.

Best rackets for all!

All-round tennis rackets are also best suited for recreational sportsmen that have been playing for a while and hit the ball reasonably well. These are modern player's racket with a nice blend of precision and pop. They offer penetrating depth and easy spin for those with full strokes.  These types of rackets come with different head size, length, string tension and string pattern as well as many other factors. They are perfect for any playing style and are the best types of accessories among all.  Some of the best All-Round tennis rackets are Head Youtek Radical Lite, Head Youtek Speed Lite, Wilson Tour BLX, Babolat Aero Pro Team GT. The All-round tennis rackets offer incredible precision and feel.  They are big on comfort and controllable power. They offer great stability to everyone and they enjoy playing with these.

These All-round tennis rackets are suitable almost for all. Thus, they are among the best rackets and are preferred by almost all at all levels of this game. So, if you are thinking of buying tennis shoes or tennis balls and is confused, then stop being so and get these tennis products. They are easily manoeuvrable and offer control and stability to play well. Go, get your racket today and be ready to play the best game.